Integrated Capabilities:

Not only CNC / lathing and milling processing, but also providing integrated services, such as foundry products, forging, plastic injection, NCT stamping sheet metal, stamping, laser cutting, welding, project assembly, and material procurement.
By doing so, it can 
save a lot of time and cost, and effectively facilitate new product development and design.

Main processing:
-CNC turning machining
-CNC milling machining (including 4.5 axis processing)
-CNC 2D, 3D surface machining

Processing industries:
-The Electronics industry
-The Automotive industry
-The Machinery industry
-The Medical industry
-The Communication industry
-Other related precision projects
Material in processing:
-Stainless Steel
-Carbon Steel
-Alloy steel
-Copper Alloy
-Bakelite, Fiberglass, ABS, PC, PEEK, POM, PP, PVC, Nylon, PTFE, Acrylic, etc.